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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BOSIET?

BOSIET stands for Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training.  This is also known as the Offshore Survival qualification or formerly as the RGIT.  Every person working offshore must hold this particular qualification.

What is FOET?

FOET stands for Further Offshore Emergency Training.  This is the one day refresher course that every person who works offshore must complete before their 4 year BOSIET expires.

What is MIST?

MIST stands for Minimum Industry Safety Training.  This course is considered by most employers to be a requirement for new starts to the industry.  For those with considerable offshore experience there is the option to complete the MIST course online, however, the full course must be undertaken by those wishing to enter the industry.

What is the Norwegian Escape Chute?

The Norwegian Escape Chute (or Skyscape) is a ladder-type device used on some oil rigs to evacuate personnel in the case of an emergency.  This style of evacuation is common on rigs within the Norwegian sector and as a result all personnel working in this sector must be properly trained in its use.  Training on the Norwegian Escape Chute can be done on its own or as part of the 3 day BOSIET course.

What should I expect on my offshore survival?

The offshore survival course is designed to prepare you to be responsible for your own safety and those around you and to competently deal with a range of emergency situations that you may be faced with offshore.  Therefore, you can expect to learn about offshore hazards and general health and safety on board a vessel or rig.  You will also be required to learn emergency first aid, fire fighting techniques and self-rescue from a smoke filled environment.  You will be taught what to do in an evacuation situation, and you will learn how to escape from a ditched helicopter.  Many people are apprehensive about this course, in particular the underwater escape training, however, there is really nothing to worry about.  Survivex instructors are always close at hand to assist you or to answer any queries you may have.

What do I need to work offshore?

To work offshore you must have either a BOSIET or FOET certification and you must possess a valid medical.  Most employers now expect all new starts to the industry to also hold the MIST qualification.

What do I need to take for the course?

Make sure you have a form of government issued photographic identification, for example, passport or drivers licence.  You also need swimwear, a towel and £1 for a locker

Do I need a medical to complete the offshore survival course?

No you do not need to hold a medical to complete the offshore survival course, however, you will need one to go offshore.  At Survivex you can undertake your medical whilst on your BOSIET and MIST courses which means you do not have to come back at a later date.

What is Banksman/Slinger training

To bank a crane means to direct it and the load it is carrying from one place to another.  Banksman slinger training instructs delegates in the principles of banking a crane using hand and radio signals, in the correct slinging of different types of loads, and in the safety precautions to be taken whilst working with cranes.  Undertaking this type of training will be useful for those individuals wishing to enter the drilling field, for example, as a roustabout.

What is OPITO?

OPITO is an industry owned, not for profit organisation.  It aims to improve safety standards and develop a safe and skilled sector.  Where relevant, Survivex holds OPITO accreditation for courses as required by the industry.

How do I get a job offshore?

Initially you need to gain the relevant qualifications to work offshore as detailed in the answers above.  The next stage is to contact recruitment companies and to search job pages.

Delegate Testimonials

What is Greenhand Training?

The Greenhand was implemented as the introductory training course in order to work offshore. This was the training course completed frequently by delegates seeking entry level positions offshore looking to get into the drilling side of operations.

Survivex managing director, George Green piloted the scheme and was instrumental in the design implementation of the course.

Greenhand training as a 5 day course made up of the following modules;

  • Module 1 Introduction to Drilling Operations
  • Module 2 Working Safely
  • Module 3 Manual Handling, COSHH & Working at Heights
  • Module 4 Helicopter & Helideck Safety
  • Module 5 Banksman Slinger (Stage 1)

The first 4 modules were carried out over a 2 day period and were theoretical. This is very similar to the MIST (Mandatory Industry safety training). The remaining 3 days is now what the Banksman Slinger stage 1.

Because the MIST is now a mandatory requirement if companies are looking for “Greenhands” entry level staff it would usually be the MIST & Banksman (Stage 1) that is required alongside the BOSIET. Survivex offers this and it is called the Survival 3 package.